To Friend or To UnFriend

7 11 2010

This past weekend, I did a spring cleaning on my Facebook “Friends” and “unFriended” about 30.

The criteria was as follows:

1 Co-workers with whom I don’t have a relationship outside of work
2 Old friends that were re-acquainted & we just didn’t talk anymore
3 Old school mates who I didn’t talk to much in high school anyway
4 Acquaintances that I probably won’t run into again and with whom there was very little interaction.

I had already been a bit selective on who I “friended” (for example, only one person from my son’s scout troop got in, but she’s a good friend of mine outside of the troop), but just felt a lack of privacy and like voyeur fodder.

And, really, I don’t think Facebook “Friends” are a big deal.  My friends ARE a big deal: You know, that ones that share  writing class, Ladies’ nights, Florbaideazon, goofy moments, tears, dinners, movies, the pain, the joy…and not just Apps and Likes. Read the rest of this entry »


Adjust the Aperture

3 11 2010

“Take a picture with your words,” she said.
“Don’t forget that the shadows, colors and lines are yours to capture.”

As she spoke, I felt my brain rupture
taking the neurons on a classic adventure.
Nimble fingers adjusted the aperture
where ice white hair and shadowy dark wrinkles
met at a juncture.

“A bit of chemical would bring shady flatness with a tincture,”
she whispered, ending the lecture.