I want to introduce you to a friend

16 04 2008

Spring wears a sundress or short-shorts before the weather says she can.
She smiles and winks at Winter as he slowly shuffles to the door.
Spring hugs…and if shes not, she finds herself glancing around for a set of familiar arms that wouldn’t mind just one more embrace.

Spring loves presents! She dances around gardens-on days that I am stuck inside a windowed, climate-controlled environment-gently unwrapping flower buds and leaf buds and even some bug buds. Sometimes she just breathes and the purple-to-yellow crocuses reach up to the trees to take more of her in.

Yeah, Spring is my beautiful friend. Everyone loves her, ’cause, ya know, she’s nice, too…not stuck-up and stuffy like Summer.
I think its because Spring can see dirt-and accept it as she’s convincing the rest of us to clean it up.

See, in all of her joyous bouncing around, she can be a bit lazy. Not sluggish, like Winter, who can’t even get off the couch, but lazy.
The kind of lazy that drags me to a sunny spot in the middle of my yard and makes me crouch down to investigate the way the sun filters through the crocus petals that she opened up earlier in the morning. Looking from the bottom up, the veins are so delicate and the purple radiates.
It’s lazy like that. It’s “take-time-to-fall-in-love-with-a-flower” lazy.

Did I mention that she can be sassy, also?
Just when I am entranced with another petal-yellow on one side, but touched with lavender on the other-Spring says to me: “Oh, by the way, did you remember that your garage is a disaster and, um, it’s not getting clean by itself?”
What a brat!

As I head back inside, she so graciously says she would love to help, but a flock of geese need a bit of guidance. She says she’ll be back and waiting for me when I’m done scrubbing the shower and the toilet.

How can you not just adore that?



16 04 2008

Since 2005, you can buy “whole-grain white bread“.

Its supposed to be healthy and contain all of the grainy goodness of the rough, chewy, darker breads, but you just won’t be able to see or experience it after the bleaching and sanitizing process.

You just have to believe it has substance because the label says so…

…kind of like Madison.

I bombed the interview…again

15 04 2008

The problem happens when I open my mouth.


Not with the first “Hello”, but when I start nervously rambling on…
and on…
and on and start feeling more and more insecure and judged…
so I act insecure and judged…
and AM insecure and judged…
and that’s when I bomb the interview.
Like a switch flips…
an observable switch and my observable insecurities…
observable and judgeable roots…
judged past and observed fears.

I judge…they observe.

It’s that time again…

6 04 2008

film fest tickets

…for the Madison Film Festival!

My line-up this year:

Taxi to the Dark Side
The Unforeseen
The Pixar Story
Being Innu
Testing Hope
The Planet
Postcards from Tora Bora
(I actually missed this one, but hope to see it soon.)

e-mail exchange

4 04 2008

I was telling Kim (our new sample entry girl) about how queer I was.
I was like “guess who I saw in concert years ago…..WHAM!”
And she was like “WHAM? Who’s that?”
For God’s sake, where did all the good music go?

Kim: “Gues what, mom? I started this new job and there’s this guy.”
Mom: “Oh, really?” (counting future babies in her head)
Kim: “Yeah, he’s kinda odd.”
Mom: “Oh?” (reducing the number of potential granbabies)
Kim: “So the other day he started telling me how gay he is.”
Mom: “Oh.” (deflated, maybe he’s into artificaial semination…it’s been done)
Kim: “And not only that, he is SOOO proud of seeing some group called ‘WHAM!’ back in the 60’s or 70’s or something like.”
Mom: “So, he’s old AND gay?” (pours a drink, potential granbabies = 0)

Why don’t you go listen to some folk music and eat some tree bark?

The Words of a Jamaican Man

2 04 2008


she’s not big, she’s “fluffy”

“do they really want all of this?”

“typical male have a relationship…or two”
“it’s an inheritance…we can’t do one woman”

the women:
“they know and try to prevent it…know  the person, know what they do and marry it anyway.”

“if a man here tells you he’s single, he’s lying”
“my inheritance is like a curse.  i don’t bring it home…do for yourself…set up your own place”
“if i cover my trail, it’s ok…attraction is the main part of the game”

if you were told that you would lose your family if you are caught, would you still do it again?  “i have been told that”

on help from outside the island:
“be amongst the people…how can you eat steak and help us? come over and break bread with us”

guy: “women have the power
girl: do women have the power? “no