Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism: November Snowball

30 11 2015

I finally have a few minutes to write about this month’s Focus Through the Prism challenge using Cherrywood Fabrics gorgeous-rich hand dyed fabric.  It’s the V in #roygbiv: Violet and the assignment was the Snowball block.  As with the other months, it was beautifully quilted by Marcia Wachuta.


 Design: After Kim sent out the block, I went right over to 627handworks for inspiration and found Penny Lane. With a slight change to add a red center, I had my center and then “snowballed” it in multiple scribbled designs. (I know, I know, EQ7 would have done this with computer-y magic. I have since been enlightened thanks to another FTTP participant, Evelyn – who I maintain is a very bad influence.)


imageColors and fabrics: The only color I had left was Violet, which isn’t quite purple.

I had purple prints, but just couldn’t find a violet print … until I came across a violet and green bandana as I was putting some of those away.

It wasn’t a hard sacrifice. That became the print background.  Add a bit of the other solids and we have November complete.

Quilting: After last month’s very late arrival to her quilting studio, Marcia gave me a deadline early in the month so she would have time to add her stitched art.  I only missed it by one day!  Now for some photos of the quilting.

Binding: For every month, I used the next month’s focus color as the binding for the current month (with the current color as the inside flange).  Which is great, except I didn’t have any Blue (the color that started this 7 month journey).  Marcia had some in the mail on the way to me, but it wouldn’t arrive by 30 Nov. Fortunately, Evelyn came through and had a piece large enough to bind November’s quilt.


December: So, what am I going to do with the Blue that Marcia sent? An unofficial December challenge! I’m going to make an 8th quilt that incorporates all 7 colors and all 7 blocks in one 20 x 20 square. It’s already designed, I just need to put it all together and hope that it looks as cool in “real life” as it does in my brain.