#reverb10 Day 14: Appreciate

16 12 2010

PROMPT: Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

(Since my community tree has already been covered and lots of the other biggies, I’ll tell you about a couple of very intense relationships I encountered, and still very much appreciate, this past year.)

“I’m in love again,” I told my officemate (and close friend). “I can’t believe that it took me this long to find him.”
(Pause) “And this is for real, not like the fling I had with the Killers.”
A long drawn out “Okaaayyyyy” cautiously streams from the other side of the room. “Who is it?”
LEONARD COHEN! Do you know him?!” I ask with just a bit too much eagerness.
(In fact, I asked everyone that day the same question with the same excessiveness.)
“His voice-it reaches into me and fills me up, the notes from his throat dancing into my blood to cradle every cell.”
She said that he was “ok” with a patronizing smile.
“OK?!?!  Just listen!”
“Yeah, he’s ok.”
I listened for weeks to the same CD-Live in London-and the best moment was when I learned that I could play “Suzanne” on repeat-just that one song-for a whole day without pushing a button each time on my ipod.  You know that feeling when you’ve been in a crammed, stuffy airplane for 4 hours and the first moment that you step into the walkway to the airport and you breathe deep in fresh, crisp, cool air smelling of spring water & columbine and you know that you will be able to make it to the mountain of you choice and everything will be ok?  It was that for 8 hours straight and everything was right with the world!

About a week later, I stumbled on Rufus Wainwright’s “Wonderful World“.
I told my officemate: “I’m just crazy about this guy!”
She asked if he was my new love.
“No way, ” I clarified. “He’s just a fling.  Leonard has my heart and always will.”

That was a couple of months ago.  I’ve since had an affair with Michael Franti.  I can’t help myself. He’s beautiful and energy where Leonard is solid and sure and secure.
I will play around the world with Michael knowing that I can come home to Leonard.
The poet Ezra Pound did it. He had his wife and his 50 year lover.  I understand (not sure that his wife did though).  Now that’s one cat that I WON’T be crushing on!