Project Quilting 9.4: Mellow Yellow

25 02 2018

I am calling this one “Falling into Place”.

IMG_6188The Quilt: This was an assignment exploring value and balanced composition for a Design Essentials 1 class taught by Lorraine Torrence at Mill House Quilts. It’s small (just 10×10″), but it’s finished.

The Story: Last year just stunk. If you have a moral conscious and see the fall that our country is taking, I don’t need to say any more. If you don’t see that or don’t agree or think that great decisions are being made in the executive and legislative branches of the government, it doesn’t matter what I could say.

Work was challenging in 2017. Period. Just challenging.

But I was ready for 2018 and went into it with a positive attitude. Things were going to change. Mid term elections. Better communication. People waking up. Hitting important goals on a project at work and a potential opportunity.

That lasted about 2 weeks.

Mid-Jan my mom fell and went into the hospital. She spent 2 weeks there and everything for her and my stepdad turned upside down. After multiple trips there each week (hour each way) and lots of time sorting things out and many, many waking hours on the part of my sister and her extensive advocacy for my mom, things are finally a bit more stable. Mom is in good care in the nursing home, the bills are getting paid, and my stepdad is getting Meals on Wheels and bought 2 new pairs of pants (hadn’t happened for 25 years … small victories).

At the same time (Jan) the work opportunity fell through. But another door opened and will likely be much better for me.

AND an old friend was diagnosed with cancer requiring immediate, aggressive treatment. Shes one of the strongest women I know, but she’s also the last person that something like this should happen to (big ass heart in that woman). She just finished chemo and radiation this week. Let the healing begin!

A lot of big decisions are going to have to be made soon with the parents, but right now everyone is safe.

Things are falling into place. And I am going on vacation. Checking out. Taking a couple of deep breaths. Getting my toes in the sand.

Maybe we can start this whole positive-attitude-for-2018 thing over again when I get back.


Project Quilting 9.3: Bold and Brave

11 02 2018

Did some pattern testing for Trina Peterson this week and took photos with Wendy Franzak’s super fancy photo box. The pattern will be out soon and is called “Zipper Squared”.    It’s really well written and is much easier than it seems.