Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism (May): Blue Monkey Wrench

26 05 2015

AngledOver at Project Quilting, Kim came up with a brilliant off-season challenge called Focus Through the Prism and all she has to do is tag people on Facebook to get them to commit to actually complete  7 projects in 7 months. It’s crazy, really.

So here’s the challenge in a nutshell:

1. We each buy a pack of gorgeous hand-dyed rainbow (roygbiv) material from Cherrywood Fabrics
2. Every month Kim sends out a challenge for a block, we pick a color and make a 20″ square wall hanging within 30 days.

Easy, right?whole

My first month completed: Blue Monkey Wrench.

I started with this design, because well, I’m still on this paper pieced compass kick.

imageAfter picking the blue Cherrywood, and unpacking my stash from the move to a new house, I came across a panel called Aurora Borealis by Rosewood Organics for Frond Design Studios.image

Knowing that it looked impressive hanging at the quilt shop where it was purchased, but would never be more that a scrap of fabric in a drawer, I decided to make it the background for my compass.  The nice mix of blue hues won me over.

imageI also discovered a vibrant batik purchased at Stitcher’s Crossing that had to be used. In fact, I may try to fit it into each challimageenge.

The best part about this project has been seeing how everyone starts with the same basic instructions and pack of fabric and end up with such individual and creative interpretations.

The creations are posted here.

quilt 4


Project Quilting 6 Challenge 6: Isn’t That Charming?

21 03 2015

It’s time for another Project Quilting challenge! Here’s the finished product (front and back).

18The challenge required that we use charms (5″ squares), so while at the Prairie Heritage Quilt Show in Sun Prairie WI last weekend, I had an excuse to browse the vendors. (Ok, well, I didn’t actually need an excuse. Checking out new prints is just FUN!)  A pack of Moda New Muslin Mates ended upcoming home.charmThings went smooth with assembly, but the quilting? Not so much.  After having it almost done, I got honest and admitted that … just yuck.  So all of the stitches needed to come out.
The seam ripper is your friend!10
After simplifying things a bit, I’m happy with the result. All of the charms in the pack were used (plus 3 white squares) for the font, back, and binding.


The hexes were made from a circle using a technique demonstrated here.

The hexes using this method don’t come out with sides quite as equal as when a template is used, so “Wonky-ish Hex” might be an appropriate title for this quilt.



Thanks to Kim for another season of Project Quilting!