The light at the end…

26 07 2006


I’m starting to see the light at the end of all the planning and anxiety about this trip to Africa.

I had originally agreed to bike across Tanzania with someone else. As time went on I realized that going to Africa was the right decision for myself and Andy, but biking was not. An important step recently took place in making the decision not to bike. It had been bothering me more than I realized. When I told the person I was going to bike with, we separated ways: this trip defined our few interactions and he didn’t feel that there was any need for us to communicate further. We really have separate dreams of how we want to experience Africa and there is no reason for either of us to compromise on our individual dreams. I respect his request.

With the choice to not bike made, I just feel so relieved and excited about this trip in such a pure way. Ease has replaced worry.

Andy and I will take trains and buses, which opens up much more time for various  experiences.

All the details are falling into place now. It’s a interesting exercise for ME to keep track of and tend to so many details. But it does make a difference when I really want something:

  • Paying bills on a regular basis…boring, doesn’t happen.
  • Sending out extensive paperwork for passports, visas, travel insurance, evacuation insurance…..interesting and gets me to my goal, happens.

The light at the end is shining…and it’s getting brighter and brighter. 🙂