Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism (September): Flying Red Dolls

28 09 2015

What is it? Oh, yeah! Month 5 of the Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism Challenge! Only 2 more to go: blue and Indigo.  Or is it Indigo and purple? Or purple and navy? All I know is: It’s not RED.  Because that was covered this month!
Cherrywood Fabrics red plus flying geese plus a doll print mixed with some paper piecing resulted in this month’s challenge.

Top it off with a bit of Marcia’s fancy quilting and we have another month complete. [Applause]

sep 6

The doll fabric was a “shopping bag” provided by a quilt shop made of unsold material. Neat idea, but I never liked the fabric.  Perfect for use in one of the challenge quilts, right?

Sep 2 Sep 3

A back detail:Sep 4

And here is a shot of all 5 quilts so far in the challenge:

Sep 5You can find the other quilts from this month linked up here.  Go check it out.  The quilts are all so cool and unique!

Added: Most of my paper piecing inspiration for the FTTP challenge has come from Block Rock’n at I usually do some sort of modification of those patterns. For this one, I found this pattern, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, so I had to get out the graph paper.

To make this, I drew out a paper piece pattern. You can print it to any size, but to make a 20×20 square, each of my 4 pieces is 10×10 (so each is printed on 11×17 paper and cut down).


To assemble follow these steps (this worked for my brain, but you might find an easier way):

  1. Piece sections A, B, C, D, and F as separate units in order 1,2,3,4, etc.
  2. The #2 pieces for Sections A & B should be the same fabric.
  3. The #8 & #9 pieces for Section F should be the same fabric.
  4. Sew A & B together.
  5. Sew C to the AB combo.
  6. Sew D to the CAB combo.
  7. Sew E to the DCAB combo.
  8. Add F to all of that.
  9. Repeat 3 more times, then sew the 4 quadrants together.

And have fun!