Mari’s art project: Emotionless

29 01 2007

Mari’s art project

Mari gave each of us girls (Sue, Naomi and I) an art project tonight.

We each have a foam head that needs a new face. I’m pretty excited to do this and see what we come up with.

Andy already had his creative fun with the foam head.

I think a name would be nice for starters….


winter day

26 01 2007

Photo: Snow Angels by Mari (and Manny)

Yeah! It’s finally winter…….in January!!!

(My supervisor just told me today that there is no such thing as global warming….something about an artic explorer that died 150 years ago and now the snow has melted enough for his artifacts to emerge….it’s just cycles…not a trend to higher global temperatures….and I view this guy as one of the smartest people I know…)

Last weekend, I had a perfect day:
The snow was coming down heavy, I didn’t have to drive anywhere, no time pressures and plans to have breakfast with a friend.
So, I walked to our meeting place with camera in hand.

I stopped at one point and just stared up at the huge snow flakes coming down…so absorbed in the moment.

Breakfast was great: Mickie’s was apparently not as packed as usual and omlets at diners….well, the only thing possibly better would be large, whole grain pancakes at diners (with lots of syrup).

Blake is always fun to spend time with. He easily has me laughing at the most random stuff. We took the bus together and after he got off at work, I rode part way home, then got off at a park and walked….

….taking time to take more photos…and just live the moment…..

home, pj’s, hot tea, then driveway shoveling

really, one of my favorite winter days


26 01 2007

In December 06, Mandi and I interviewed Marjorie Mbilinyi for a WORT feature that aired in January 07. I have to say, it was the highlight of my WORT experience and one of my favorite experiences in the past few months.

Marjorie lives in Tanzania, but I first met her at Rainbow bookstore Co-op through a friend before Andy and I went to Tanzania. Later, through Mandi, I met, and became friends with, her daughter who lives nearby.

When we were in Tanzania, Andy and I were invited to dinner with Marjorie and her husband after spending a day at her non-profit TGNP and attending a seminar about AIDS in Africa. She just amazes me with her life and depth of understanding about Tanzania and gender issues and social issues affecting people in Africa. I wish she’d write a book about her experiences!

Being around her also provided this very real connection to a time/place that is still having (and likely always will) a direct impact on my life. The trip to Tanzania seems so surreal at this point, so things like seeing Marjorie and sending/receiving e-mails and packages from friends that we met provide meaningful, tangible anchors to that experience.

If I can ever figure out how to add an mp3 to wordpress, I’ll insert the audio of the interview here.

I’ve always had this admiration for Christiane Amanpour (“I want to be like her when I grow up”), so not only was it exciting to interview one women I have such respect for, but I was able to “play” the role of a second strong, beautiful woman.