Project Quilting 8.3: Tune in to Texture

3 02 2017


For the third Project Quilting challenge in Season 8, we were told to explore texture. For awhile, I had been wanting to experiment with Fabric Magic and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. My current infatuation with Cherrywood hand dyed fabrics made the material selection easy since it naturally has a textured look..

The Fabric Magic is sewn to the material, then steamed with an iron to make it shrink and create texture. Sounds easy, and it really is pretty cool, but I haven’t used water in my iron, it’s older, and apparently, there was some dark gunk in the steam pores. So, guess what? The dark gunk ended up on my fabric. Boo! It sort of maybe looks like part of the dyed effect, but not really.

The thought of investing in anything quilted with a spotted piece of fabric wasn’t super exciting, so I made a zippy pouch, which has been one of my favorite fun, go-to things to make lately.

I would definitely use Fabric Magic again, but might need to invest in a new, clean iron first. This is one of my favorite things about PQ: each challenge provides a great opportunity to experiment. #pqSeason8

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2 responses

4 02 2017
Trish Frankland

I had that exact same black gunky problem on a PQ project a few years ago. That was the LAST time I ever put water in an iron – instead, I keep a squirt bottle and spritz the fabric, then iron over it, when I need steam.

BTW – it was my red/white tablerunner, which Kim took with her when she talked to Nancy Zieman. The whole interview on Sewing With Nancy, Nancy is holding my project … and then they zoom in RIGHT WHERE THE STAIN IS.

9 02 2017
Kim Lapacek

This is great! I don’t see the gunk … but I’m glad you shared the story! It’s always part of the fun of making a project in a week 😉

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