Project Quilting Season 8 Challenge 1: Tessell-eight

1 01 2017

It’s time for Project Quilting again, so it must be time to remember my blog password. Season 8 is here, hosted by Kim Lapacek and with challenges by Trish Frankland. The theme for this first challenge is “8 is Great”.

To practice a the paper pieced templates in the Tessellation pattern by Allison Glass, I made 8 wedges using Cherrywood fabric. A sampler pack purchased at Quilt Expo in 2016 (thanks, Trish, for the recommendation) worked perfect and the hand dyed fabric is just delicious!





10 responses

2 01 2017

You are quite the speed demon…finishing a challenge in less than 24 hours! I thought 1 week was extreme!! But I sure do love the use of the Cherrywood fabrics…yum!

2 01 2017
Kim Lapacek

I adore this! It’s absolutely stunning! And you were the first finisher of a Season 8 Project QUILTING Challenge! Congrats!

2 01 2017
Jen Mulder

Very nice darling!

4 01 2017
Trish Frankland

Dan wants to know why I haven’t made something this cool. Hmm, because I’m not as awesome as Dayna?! Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

7 01 2017
Kimberly Smith

That’s so contemporary and soft simultaneously; good job!

8 01 2017
Amy (awierkie)

Great fabric! I keep going back to this one as a favorite.

8 01 2017

The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Well done!

9 01 2017
Debra - outback crafter

So colourful.
Beautifully put together.

10 01 2017
Holly U

The result is striking. Nice job!

10 01 2017

Beautiful! Love the colors!

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