Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism: December’s Everything

28 12 2015


All 7 colors, all 7 accent materials, all 7 blocks, both of the background fabrics that were in each quilt (except one), red center, red corners,  quilted by Marcia Wachuta: December’s quilt has Everything!

Do I like it? No. There is just too much going on and it doesn’t look like what I had inagined. BUT I love that it ties everything together and that I couldn’t have made it without contributions from some generous friends: Chris R provided the initial piece of light swirl background that was used in 6 of the challenge quilts, Joanne H gave me her piece of light swirl so I could make the 8th, Marcia W. gave me some pieces of Cherrywood in the colors that I had used up, and Evelyn L. gave me the piece of Cherrywood blue used in the binding.

Here is the last quilt with the other 7:






2 responses

29 12 2015
Melanie McNeil

I like it. Here’s what I like: it makes me keep looking, to find the symmetries and the asymmetries. You have a lot of repetition with color and shape, but it isn’t boringly repeated. It’s well balanced for “weight” and value and color. And it’s just plain interestingly, in the good way.

17 01 2016

Thank you so much for your comment, Melanie!

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