Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism (July): Orange Log Cabin-ish

31 07 2015

This month were were told to be inspired by the log cabin block. That really messed with my plans. I had already picked out a cool paper pieced center pattern with lots of triangles and the boxy-ness of the log cabin just wasn’t meshing with that.  So I thought about other characteristics of the log cabin: things like stacked “logs” and red centers. Those I could work with.


So some of my spikes have stacked layers and red centers. Inspired by the log cabin block: Check!
Gorgeous Cherrywood hand dyed orange fabric: Check!

I didn’t have an panel to cut up for this one, but I found some beautiful ___ fabric at Mill House Quilts to use.


After paper piecing the Mercury pattern from Block Rock’n to make a 12″ block, I drew out some larger spikes to paper piece and fill in the corners.  The problem was after the wedges were made and I turned them round, I had to choose between 3 options.


I REALLY liked what the spikes created, so those became the center.

After some super fancy stitching by Marcia (I really am loving her work) and piping and binding, July’s orange log cabin is complete.


image image

This is the first time my points and center have ever been so sharp.  Slowing down has definitely paid off, but I have to say that the accuracy is probably to the credit of paper piecing, not my skills. 🙂

I would have liked to have fixed the red bands that didn’t line up quite right. Once the block was finished, however, I only had about a 1 x 3″ piece of that red and there was no going back.





One response

31 07 2015

What a creative way to interpret the log cabin. It is quite gorgeous and looks so bright.

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