Changes 43 -> 44

19 03 2012

Just one short year ago (19Mar2011):

Aparna had not moved back to India yet.
Shivani had not moved back to India yet.
Lucy was not pregnant and packing to move to NC.
Mandi & Anina were still talking and we were all close.
I was joining eHarmony to give this on-line dating thing one more try.
I hadn’t met Paul and was convinced that that person for me just didn’t exist.
Andy still didn’t have his Eagle award.
Andy was in high school and living in Janesville.
He had not started working at PPD yet.
I lived in Madison with no thoughts of ever living anywhere else.
I was still doing the writing class with Miriam Hall.
I had not started my Masters program yet.
Miriam J. had just had her surgery and was still married and wrapped-up in Teddy Wedgers.
Raymond was still living with her.
Jill was not pregnant with twins.
I hadn’t given up on having a relationship with my siblings.
I was mostly car-less and didn’t own the Audi.
I hadn’t shot a gun outside of the military.
I hadn’t taken the gun safety class and had never seen a real pistol or .357.
It only took me 10 min to get to work, not 45.
I hadn’t been to upstate NY or NYC
I didn’t have my ticket to Jordan.
Mario & Mandy were still together.
I spent most of my time outside of work alone or with friends.
Jesse and I spent most Fri nights together.
Jesse wasn’t working for the university.
I had Roxy (dog), Megan (dog) and Teiso (cat).
The wall in the living room was still red.
I didn’t know Jamie and Sara and the kids.
Andy was not yet living on his own.
Jim had not met Kara.
Darren & Kathee were still married.
Friendships hadn’t shifted.
Malaika & I hadn’t made the quilt together for Lucy.
Destiny & I hadn’t made her quilt together.
Tony wasn’t engaged & I hadn’t made his quilt yet.
Harriett was still alive and Dad was taking care of her.
Carol was just his next door neighbor and not his future bride.
Mari’s mom was still alive.
Sue was still working at Milestone.
Naomi was still married.
Maxx hadn’t come out and we hadn’t bonded over firewood.
Tate was still in school and living at home.
PPD was still owned by Fred & the shareholders, not the Carlyle Group.
Darren still sat in our building.
Barb didn’t have Chewy and her dad wasn’t re-married.
Candie’s dad was still alive.
Kara hadn’t adopted two of the three foster kids yet.
Claire was still waiting to enter the world outside of her mama’s womb and meet her papa, Joe, and see her mama, Jessica.
Elliot (e.e.)  was still hanging out in his mama’s womb and had yet to experience that amazing home birth that his parents, Brooke & Brandon, had planned for him.

So may things have changed in my life and in the lives of those closest to me since I turned 43.   Maybe this happens every year, but I just happen to notice right now.  I can’t say that each change has been good or bad, but just that “it is the way it’s supposed to be”.  I’m kind of hoping that next year’s list will be a bit shorter.  I’m ready to coast and take a couple of deep breaths.

I may have expressed that same sentiment about a year ago.



3 responses

20 03 2012
Sue Bailey

I love you so much. My reflections wouldn’t be a list as long but at the top of the list is that I still have my non-dna sister in Wisconsin who loves me for me and seeing the world through her eyes makes me smile.

15 07 2012

Not sure why but this brought tears to my eyes. Made me think of all the changes here in the last year, but mostly I think because we made your list. 🙂 Going to miss being your neighbor Dayna, but friends are friends no matter where they live! That quote, and yours right along with it, are right on – change is ever-present and there always seems to be so much so fast. And, I am also so ready to coast. 🙂

17 07 2012

Of course, you made the list! Jessica, really? YOU coast? I’ve never seen it! Surely giving birth and moving in the same year do not qualify as coasting. LOL!!

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