#reverb10 Day 15: 5 minutes

20 12 2010

PROMPT: 5 Minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

Remember her passion and the way she held you and taking a deep breath to step across boundaries that you never thought you would but had always wanted to. And how you tried, you really tried, but it wasn’t ever going to be enough. Don’t forget the pubs in Ireland and the cider and “you’re fine, just one more” and Grace’s has the BEST boots and everyone is so open and friendly and we did finish the project on time and it was hell but I wouldn’t change anything. You can go ahead & forget about the PA trip, just go back to Philly and take Andy so you can both experience the history drifting through the streets and the anatomy lessons at the Mutter Museum. Remember Cancun-the beauty, the people, exploring, feeling so alone. Smitty and Belva every weekend, stepping out of life but not quite yet. Charlie grasping at the string of love but the kite keeps pulling pulling farther and farther away. He held so tight that the string cut up his hand.
Gardening, writing, Chicago w/ my homies, Ladies’ Night (feeling a “part of”), checking in on Jen before she got married and meeting Dayton and feeling the closing of old books and opening of new (“diapering”), Nathan marrying his high school sweetheart Ashley, Jessica marrying Joe, writing retreat, boundaries, civil war re-enactment (running out of time), concert on the square and taking Smitty to see his boyhood home for the last time and the site where they will be buried and the steps left from the dance hall where they met.
And through it all: writing class and Andy and friendships.