#reverb10 Day 13: Action

16 12 2010

PROMPT: When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

The next step can’t be identified until the destination or even the journey is defined.
Where needs an address.
What needs a noun.

The next step is being honest about the wheres and whats that are priorities. That are reaching their hands up in the air and jumping up & down to get my attention. “My turn, ME!” “No, pick me. You know you’ve always wanted to!” “Over here, over here! Look over here!”

Some Wheres and Whats:
~Move to Colorado
~Love, really love, again
~Have (as) healthy (as possible) relationships with all of my family members
~Do something that makes the world just a little bit better
~Go back to school
~Get vulnerable
~Learn Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, and Hindi and brush up on the Russian
~Travel to use those languages
~Figure out how to shake my bootie like a black girl
(Miriam keeps saying she’ll teach me, but there may be a HUGE learning curve.)
~Run a marathon
~Make Tony’s quilt (finally) and then make Jesse’s
~Do all of the hikes in the book “60 Hikes in 60 Days”
~Get rid of crap
~(Speaking of…) Get rid of all debt (except the house for now)
~Finish #reverb10

The first step? Getting past the resistance to write this response to the Day 13 prompt. DONE!!!



2 responses

16 12 2010
Stephanie (@dancingwaves)


Shake it, Dayna!

18 12 2010

Well, I will miss you when you move, but of course I know that one is coming one day. Huzzah to the rest!

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