#reverb10 Day 9: Party

10 12 2010

PROMPT: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Every year at the end of October Mari & Dan rope a group of their friends into celebrating their wedding anniversary with them. Sure, they make it themed and interesting and get us all involved in it, but we really know what’s going on.  They just want an excuse to throw a big party so that they can remind everyone that they each married their best friend.  Whatever.

One year (2007), they made their attic haunted and made Grandpa & Grandma kinda creepy.

This was followed with  an alien spaceship landing in their yard (and another one overtaking the attic) in 2008 and a haunted carnival in 2009.

2010 was the best anniversary celebration so far: The attic became a psyche ward.  We all received our invitation and then at the party had to solve the mystery of what happened to Wendy.  She was the lone survivor in the house.  Her 3 friends and parents were murdered.  Was it a cult?  Did someone come in & kill everyone?  Why did she survive?  And what is she doing in the psych ward now?

It was just really well done and like stepping into a movie set.  They always involve their friends in some way, but don’ t give out the theme until it’s time for the party. My son & I both got to be patients in the asylum and were captured on the closed circuit monitor that could be seen at the nurse’s station.  The psych ward mystery has been captured by Mari & Dan. You can experience it by clicking the Psych Ward photo. (And between Mari’s photography & Dan’s computer skills and the attention to detail that both of them and their friends put into this, it’s worth checking out.)

Of course, in order to celebrate with them properly, we all have to dress up as our alter egos.  This year, the girls & I were the Hot Flashes Roller Derby Team with Dan as our Referee (he wouldn’t dare make any calls against us!!!).

And, yeah, their wedding anniversary HAPPENS to be Oct 31, but really, isn’t it a bit much just to get us all to celebrate their vows? 😉



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