#reverb10 Day 7 and Day 8: Beautifully Different Community

9 12 2010

PROMPT: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

PROMPT: Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

(OK, yes, I am combining the prompts for days 7 and 8. Maybe it’s a cop-out, or an easier way to catch-up, BUT I would also say that the two came together tonight in my writing class and fit so I’m going with it.  And the tree picture is from my favorite flickr artist, SkyShaper.  I’ve had a long term crush on his work and he let me use this pic.  :-)Through his photography, he forces us to look into faces that would otherwise be ignored.  Check out his work.)

I made my reservation today. Andy & I are going to CO – to the mountains, to one of my besties Jill – in Feb 2011. It started with a text from her:
“I miss u.”
“Time 4 me 2 get a plane ticket?”

I didn’t do yesterday’s prompt about community. I just had an image, but not words, that traveled with me throughout the day of a large, healthy, full tree (let’s make it an old maple) and each of the main branches was one of my social groups, a branch of my community with smaller branches of individual friends, some thicker and more prominent, but all making up the richness of the tree. Just like a tree branch, friends slowly grow and divide into many more and sometimes break off. And the leaves – well those are all of the uncountable acts that each person does that I value or is special to our relationship. In fact, some leaves I don’t value or notice-they just grow off of the branch and cascade down in the fall, but they were there and add the color and nourishment of the community.

And that, that community tree, is what is most beautifully different about me. Really. It’s my friends, my branches. They each make up one small part of who I am, but without those branches for structure and those leaves to feed my soul, I would die. I would be the decayed, hallowed out log that others would have to step over when taking a stroll out in the network of timber and relationships.

It’s the one thing that I always come back to doing right: I somehow know how to pick AMAZING, supportive, diverse, HONEST, witty bee-u-tiful friends. Really, Beautiful – inner beauty, outer beauty – they ALL are deeply blessed with both, even the guys – but none of it is cookie-cutter or typical. There are no words for absolute truths. This is an absolute truth, so I will stop trying to find words.

I have, in my not so humble opinion, the most gorgeous, lush tree in the forest.

In February, I’m going to climb up to one of the biggest, most stable (and weirdly twisted) branches and just sit there a bit and listen to the wind rustle her leaves.



4 responses

9 12 2010

I can definitely relate to you in that I have an amazing group of friends – there’s nothing quite like having unconditional love and support from those who you also respect and inspire you to become a better person.

9 12 2010

it’s my belief that the lushness of the tree is a direct result of the depth of its roots

10 12 2010

Lovelyl image, the tree.
“I somehow know how to pick AMAZING, supportive, diverse, HONEST, witty bee-u-tiful friends.” It’s a gift to know how to form nourishing connections. Blessings.

12 12 2010
Stephanie (@dancingwaves)

I *love* this post… and good people are drawn to good people.

Thinking of you.

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