Oh, nevermind…

19 05 2009

(Journal entry from Jun 2008 while at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival)

On a hike up the mountain to the waterfall overlooking Telluride:
One woman was talking about getting a baseline mammogram because she’s turning 40. Another woman was questioning that and saying that she wasn’t sure the baseline or subsequent check-ups were necessary since the procedure would introduce x-rays to the body. I said that the effect wouldn’t be that great since the follow-ups weren’t every year and the amount of x-rays were minor compared to the possibility of breast cancer.

She shot back “Yeah, but you’re a scientist, right? And you work in pharmaceuticals.” I replied that just because I work in the industry doesn’t mean that I automatically support taking drugs or subjecting the body to all treatments. In fact, I don’t unless it’s something critical and my body just isn’t dealing well with whatever has been thrown my way.

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