I bombed the interview…again

15 04 2008

The problem happens when I open my mouth.


Not with the first “Hello”, but when I start nervously rambling on…
and on…
and on and start feeling more and more insecure and judged…
so I act insecure and judged…
and AM insecure and judged…
and that’s when I bomb the interview.
Like a switch flips…
an observable switch and my observable insecurities…
observable and judgeable roots…
judged past and observed fears.

I judge…they observe.



One response

8 05 2008

Ohmigosh. Here I thought I was the only one who rambles when I feel insecure. You should have heard the last training session I did – it was not pretty, and I don’t even know what tipped my rambling insecure streak off!
Anyway, you’re one step ahead – key to stopping is recognizing the pattern… 🙂

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