e-mail exchange

4 04 2008

I was telling Kim (our new sample entry girl) about how queer I was.
I was like “guess who I saw in concert years ago…..WHAM!”
And she was like “WHAM? Who’s that?”
For God’s sake, where did all the good music go?

Kim: “Gues what, mom? I started this new job and there’s this guy.”
Mom: “Oh, really?” (counting future babies in her head)
Kim: “Yeah, he’s kinda odd.”
Mom: “Oh?” (reducing the number of potential granbabies)
Kim: “So the other day he started telling me how gay he is.”
Mom: “Oh.” (deflated, maybe he’s into artificaial semination…it’s been done)
Kim: “And not only that, he is SOOO proud of seeing some group called ‘WHAM!’ back in the 60’s or 70’s or something like.”
Mom: “So, he’s old AND gay?” (pours a drink, potential granbabies = 0)

Why don’t you go listen to some folk music and eat some tree bark?