The Words of a Jamaican Man

2 04 2008


she’s not big, she’s “fluffy”

“do they really want all of this?”

“typical male have a relationship…or two”
“it’s an inheritance…we can’t do one woman”

the women:
“they know and try to prevent it…know  the person, know what they do and marry it anyway.”

“if a man here tells you he’s single, he’s lying”
“my inheritance is like a curse.  i don’t bring it home…do for yourself…set up your own place”
“if i cover my trail, it’s ok…attraction is the main part of the game”

if you were told that you would lose your family if you are caught, would you still do it again?  “i have been told that”

on help from outside the island:
“be amongst the people…how can you eat steak and help us? come over and break bread with us”

guy: “women have the power
girl: do women have the power? “no