Here’s the scene:

16 11 2007

You have a nose pain for a few days that just comes on suddenly. You think it’s due to the cold you had or something, but it just doesn’t go away and is VERY distracting. So you make an appointment to go to the doctor to get it checked out the next day. That night, someone tells you to jump up and down three times, spin around and clap your hands twice to make your nose pain will go away.

So you do.

And it does go away.

But you still go to the doctor just to make sure there’s nothing wrong. And she asks: “So, why are you here?”
You reply: “To make sure there’s nothing wrong.”
“Does your nose still hurt?”
“Well, no, it feels great. I jumped, spun and clapped and everything’s okay.”
“So, why are you here?”

That’s how I feel about the fall slump and going into therapy.  The therapy has only validated that my “nose” is actually ok, and I just need to make some physical modifications because my body is naturally resopnding to environmental conditions.  Pretty simple.   I’m in a good place…just need the light.

Thanks for all of your support, girls!
Can you all just kick me in the ass next Sep and tell me to get out walking during the day?
Or remind me that it’s time to schedule a beach vacation?

Why are we always trying to deny our deep fundamental connection to the world around us?



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