An amazing day

13 11 2007

Today has been pretty damn cool.

The sky was clear and weather warm enough to take the top off of my car.

I had my second therapy appointment in the morning. It was ok, but I’m not really getting much out of it and don’t feel much of a connection with the therapist. I’ve gotten much more pratical benefit from reading “Winter Blues”. I’m trying to get light at every moment possible. A friend and I started last week jogging at lunch time and I can’t believe how much better just doing that makes me feel. Now, to get the carb cravings under control.

After that is when things played like a few scenes from a movie.

In the afternoon, my boss told me that I finally received a (long-awaited) promotion and (nice) raise. I’m officially a “Quality Systems Specialist”. It was nice to finally receive that: partly for the money and partly to have these two guys (my supervisors) that I respect feel that I deserve it.

Then, as I was leaving, a co-worker/friend gave me a bottle of wine. He didn’t know about the promotion, just thought I would like it: Sparkling Shiraz.

THEN, (here’s the best part) I came home from work and walked into a clean house and ANDY SWEEPING!!!! I had cleaned 1/2 of it this past weekend, leaving the kitchen and livingroom. He did dishes, swept, vacuumed, de-cluttered….everything! It was SOOOO NICE!!!!

So, to celebrate, we went to Chin’s and then to get a Lego set (with his $$).

So, I know it’s all this external stuff, but really, it’s nice to have one of those good days where the sun and moon are aligned and get not just one surprise, but THREE! (And that’s not including the very interesting and funny book “Kitchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain that Bob sent to me over the weekend!)

Is it Spring yet? Sure felt like it today…the only thing missing were the flowers!



One response

15 11 2007
Minny Sota

oh wow….very nice. see? what goes around comes around. cherish these moments….

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