Therapy: Round 3

1 11 2007


It grabbed ahold again.

For the past 2 years I was able to get through the winter by anticipating and then relishing in the afterglow of the trip to Tanzania. Not this year. It just hit…hard. So, since I can’t afford to just fly away somewhere, I’m going to face it. I started therapy again on Tues. The first two times were after the divorce and during the end of another significant relationship…both, by the way, ended on Nov. 7 after a very depressing Oct. (There were other issues, of couse, I’m just pointing out the coincidence of the date.)
Such a pattern.

A couple of years I went to tanning beds. I know…evil in the worst way…and just not at all in line with who I am. But I did feel better.

This year, I’m going to change my approach and embrace the drive for inner reflection and the necessity of change.

I’m in Chapter 1 of “Winter Blues” by Norman E. Rosenthal, MD.   A skim of the book has surprised me with the number of topics that touch on something I’m experiencing & just came down on myself for: eating, carbs, tired, anxious, edgy, sad, withdrawn.

He evens discusses a paleolithic diet! Maybe I’ll finally jump on your wagon, Janene! But expect lots of question e-mails from me. Paleo brownies….yummmm……I still rememer.

The therapy session was ok. Really just me spilling out the life story. I would laugh through explaining some of the harder parts. She asked if these things were difficult at the time and I said yes. She said “But you’re laughing.”

I replied: “Laugh or cry…what do you want?”