16 09 2007

Some catch-up since the last entry of many months ago:

I spent the spring traveling. Here’s the schedule:

Feb: CO for Jill’s bachelorette party at Breckenridge
Mar: St Thomas with Jen & Andy for Jill & Matt’s wedding
Apr: Las Vegas with Joan & Ivory (where I was initiated into the world of luxury traveling)
May: Cancun with Joan & Ivory (and the spoiling continued)
Jun: Ft. Lauderdale, FL (where I realized that I just couldn’t keep up with them)
Jul-Aug: Stayed home to regroup and get grounded in various ways
Sep: Toronto, Canada for training. I realized when I walked into the hotel room, disappointed that it wasn’t a suite, just how spoiled I had become with only 3 trips with J&I. Sigh.

So, now I’m planting the seeds for a 2008 summer consisting of:
The Telluride Bluegrass Festival in CO (with Jill & Duck)
Costa Rica with my homies from Rockford (Mari, Sue and Naomi)
Southeast Asia (East Timor, Bali, Vietnam)

See a theme here? I need to be a correspondent or something.
I also need to make more money.



3 responses

19 09 2007

Hi Dayna1 – I got an email from you on my flickr account (along with 2 others) which were very angry and/or threatening. I don’t know what has happened to cause these outbursts, as I’m a very respectful user and would not intentionally insult anyone. Can you help me understand what has happened? I’m concerned that someone is using my username (makelessnoise) without my permission. Please contact me, as I’m quite alarmed at these events. Thank you.

19 09 2007

Oh, I see I’m not alone in this – it’s possible your flickr account has been comrpomised:


20 09 2007

Thanks, Brian. Yeah, something happened and I contacted flickr yesterday, but will contact them again today. Sorry about that. I will give them your username to make sure to check your account also

Why do people waste so much time with this hacking crap?
We have a world to save and life to live.

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