Andy Update (written 11Sep2007)

16 09 2007

Plaster hands

Update on Andy…truly the best kid EVER!

School started…high school to be exact. It caught me a little off guard…just the transition to this other big world…and the memories of all the bad decisions that I made when I sailed through this vast sea. But Andy has turned into some other alien kid that I’ve never met before. He’s taking school seriously, doing homework, nightly showers, chores, helping out when I need it, not abusing computer/video game time…all without complaining and just SO HAPPY. Who IS this kid?

AND he’s scheduled to get braces tomorrow…AND he’s excited about that also. While I’m been in Toronto, he stayed with some (very awesome, kind) friends and got sick last night. The dr. said that she thinks he has asthma (or bad tonsils), so if things don’t clear up by tomorrow, the braces will have to wait.

I just love that kid and continue to like and respect him more and more as the years pass.


UPDATE:(16 Oct 2007) Here are the braces:


And I have my old Andy back…OK, well, maybe not the same ‘ol cause this alien teenager-acting being has taken over…but the “perfect-child” has exited the stage.  **sigh**



3 responses

19 09 2007

Hello! I have read your mail you send to me about the mail I have supposedly send to you. Here’s the facts: I have NOT send any mails regarding anything provocative to you, someone have hacked into flickr and send repulsive mails to very many people.
I am very sorry about what has happened, but again, I did not send you that/those mails. I would appreciate if you would stop blocking me and if you have reported me to flickr you could send them a mail axplaining the insident.
Best regards Asbjørn H.

19 09 2007
Ginny Le

Dear Dayna!
I’m Ginny Le – the one you have been blocked on Flickr but please listen to me. I got your mail says “Do that again and i will call the cops..” Sorry, I dont understand what you meant. I’ve never sent you anything that make you call the cops. Maybe someone HACKED my Flickr. Could you please explain me what made you angry with me? I cannot send you Flickr mail, surely. So I try to send it here. If you see my Flickr, you’ll know that I’m not bad person.

20 09 2007

My account on flickr was compromised or something. I haven’t sent ANYONE a negative message or blocked ANYONE…EVER…on flickr. I’m sorry for the confusion. I contacted flickr yesterday and was told that things are ok, but I will contact them again today. Sorry for the misunderstanding…really.

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