Zanzibar: 6 Sep 2006

7 09 2006

Right now I am sitting on a beach in Zanzibar.  Today we took a spice tour in the morning to see how spices are grown and we went to a slave cave.  The cave was used to hold slaves proir to departing on ships for the eastern destinations.  The caves consist of two small cavernswith only a little light and air.  We also saw, in contrast, a bath house erected by a sultan for his wife-very luxurious (even though it’s just an empty building at this point) and more room than one person needs to take a bath!  After the tours, the bus took us to a very nice ocean beach.  Andy is having a blast in the sand building some randon structure as I write this.  I love the rhythm of the ocean waves and the sun in such a clear, clear sky!



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7 09 2006

We got your card yesterday! Thanks for that… The kids are taking turns to take it to school to show in their geography classes… Excellent logging here Dayna.. you’re a great writer.. so satisfying.. Love, S.

8 09 2006
Minny Sota

yowsa! “dayna press” is kickin’! i get tired just reading about it all. i really miss you. i cant WAIT to see the pictures. keep on truckin’ girl…it’s almost over. Love, Minny.

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