Arriving in Mbeya: 26 Aug 2006

7 09 2006

What a long day!!  We finally arrived in Mbeya.  The train ride was so much fun!  It takes longer than bus, but the trip is much more enjoyable by train: relaxed, safe, and with the window open, you can feel the air and interact (albeit superficially) with the people from the villages we pass.

Mbeya is this laid-back town (compared to Dar).  We took a VERY overpriced taxi to the hotel: Mbeya Green View Resory and Camping.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a resort, but we found a nice cabin for $25/night.  The toilet doesn’t seem to flush and only one channel is coming through on the satalite TV, but it is comfortable, unique, reasonable and the women who work here are VERY nice.  The 3 people we shared a train room with are staying here also. 

Andy and I walked into town (~1km) to plan activities to do the next couple of days and ran into this couple, Martina and Andi, from Switzerland.  They are at the end of a 6 month trip around the world.  We had dinner together.  They’ve been to some of the places Andy and I are planning to go (Arusha & Zanzibar) so they were able to give us some advice.  Hearing of all the countries they’ve been to makes me want to do that someday, also.  They said that you can actually buy a ticket to go around the world-either a certain number of kilometers or numer of countries.  They weren’t happy with their hotel, so they are going to come here tomorrow, also. 

We are going to do some mountian climbing with the tour group Sisi Kwa Sis tomorrow.  It’ll be nice to move around after sitting on the train so long.



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