Around Dar, again: 24 Aug 2006

24 08 2006

Today, Andy and went to Kariakoo market: VERY busy, congested, crazy market. Tomorrow, we head to Mbeya.  I’m much more comfortable in the city, but ready to see more of Tanzania.

OK, out of internet time. 



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24 08 2006

🙂 love you. S.

29 08 2006
Cary in Madison

I miss you. Sounds like you’re having some awesome experiences so far.

30 08 2006
Minny Sota

ummm…hello??? it’s been like 6 days and we havent heard from you……????
check in when you can.

30 08 2006

Hello sweet peach! I didn’t know you could write to you here. That is so cool. I emailed you yesterday. Angie H. was asking about you as well so I gave her this email and she emailed you too! Hope that was ok. I was pretty sure you would want to be hearing from folks. So today Janet brought in rice cake. She stood there while I ate some. So I told her it was good. I really didn’t like the consistancy of it at all. Plus I don’t like coconut so that didn’t help matters either. But I ate it and Angie even tried some. She and Cary don’t like it either. At least they didn’t have to eat theirs in front of her.
Your plant is doing well here in my office and makes me think of you everyday. I sure do miss you. I can’t wait till you come back and can hear you tell the stories you will bring with you.
I read everything on here and it is very interesting. I am so happy that you are able to have this experience and hope it is everything you had wished.
Love you!

30 08 2006

You realize Janice could read this, right? You’re so silly, girl!

I was out of the reach of internet. But I’m back for a couple of minutes!

I love you, too!

You miss me, I know you do!

Love you all!!

4 09 2006

It was Janet Wu, not Janis (also spelled Janice). Amy killed your plant.

7 09 2006

Thanks for the clarification! Sorry, Janis. And I’m sure Amy didn’t kill it. She not a plant hater.

7 09 2006

Glad to hear from you again. Don’t forget long periods of nothing kicks in the “Mother” thingy. Glad you are having a good time. So glad Andy is having so many experiences. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I know it will end way to soon. Mom

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