en Route: 19 Aug 2006

22 08 2006

Written in my journal at Heathrow while waiting for the plane to Tanzania:

We did London today. Andy and I were both passout tired, andy tired but we managed to take the tube down to Westminster, do a Thames River cruise and ride the London Eye. We haven’t slept much the past two nights and time has somehow shifted on us. It was interesting to see many of the important London buildings from the river perspective, but not enough to keep us awake. 😦 eye The Eye, on the other hand, was neat. I loved being up so high and seeing the same building from above. My favorite part was the Salvador Dali exhibit. We didnt make it inside the museum, but the statues outside were a treat! dali

Processing into and out of Heathrow was slow, but easy. I had expected things to be much more complicated and confusing, but it seems that everything in London is pretty straightforward….well, at least what we encountered.



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