Day in Dar: 22 Aug 2006

22 08 2006

Today, Andy and I are spending the day walking around Dar es Salaam.  We found this internet cafe so I can update these posts.  I will write what is in my journal each time we are able to get on the internet.  If you don’t want this much detail, or the entries are boring, you can just skim the headers to see that we are still alive and intact.  🙂

On Friday we are leaving the city (yeah) and taking a train to Mbeya.  I’m hoping that once we leave the city it will be calmer and slower paced.  Here in Dar, the driving is crazy (anarchy driving), and no one seems very happy on the street.

We are headed back to the hostel now.  I hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading!



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22 08 2006
Minny Sota

What are the chances of you being able to post pictures? 🙂 Nice to hear from you…i’m glad you got there safely. i’m still in denial that you’re there though. Crazy Lady! your entries give me goose bumps. And, i cant pronounce half the words you type, but i’m sure i’ll learn something along this journey of yours…i always do!

22 08 2006
Damon H

Hi Dayna – its so great that you have made it over to TZ. Megan and I think about it a lot – so we’ll be reading this blog to live vicariously through you! Feel free to drop an email if you are seeking any info or contacts for Iringa, Arusha (and the safari stuff) or anything else (although I’m sure you have tons of able assistance and advice from folks over there…).

I really wanted to ride the train to Mbeya – so I’m looking forward to reading about it. If I remember correctly you go through one of the most impressive but least visited national parks on your way there – (Selous Game Reserve).

If in arusha you need a taxi ride, head to the Bamboo cafe and ask arounf for John Gwai – tell him i sent you – he’s a great guy.

Have fun and safe travels…

Damon (and Megan too)

23 08 2006

Sounds like great fun so far, but I was surprised you are zipping from one side of the country to the other. Do you have a planned itinerary? It would help to know where you hope to go overall, and, maybe the day before, you can tell us why you are going to each place. Remember we are learning with you here!

Mbeya looks like some serious lake country – I’m guessing rift valley? Probably some great hiking out there! Tell Andy to stay on the trails!

24 08 2006

Thanks for the comments! Damon, it’s so good to hear from you and Megan and I will be e-mailing for more info as we head to Arusha.
Who is “Wukoki”?

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