This is it!

18 08 2006

We fly out today! I really just can’t believe it.


(Whenever I fly, I think of this movie.  It really is funny!)

The luggage is packed and everything fits.

Today consisted of running around checking items off an extensive list. Andy was with me and we just had fun doing all the errands. He’s been so good about this trip!

Whenever I need something (even moments of silence), he’s right on it. I can’t get too wigged-out, because he keeps me laughing. There really is no one else I would rather take this trip with. He’s mature enough to organize and print a bunch of paperwork, but young enough to ask if he can take his care bear.

I love his complexity, his compassion and his unique view on the world….and he loves to antagonize me!

I am going to try to post something here at least weekly so everyone knows I’m alive, but no promises.

One thing you all should know is that I have so much love in my world and I’m living my life as full as I possibly can and plan to always be able to say that.

Thanks for all the support…seriously.