counting the days

15 08 2006

Tomorrow is the last day of work. I say it like I’m not going back…..

Here is my horoscope:

“Nothing is quite the way you feel it ought to be. That’s either exasperating or magnificent, depending on how you choose to look at the situation. Abandon your preconceived ideas. Be as adaptable and intuitive as you can be. Bring forth your inner supply of Piscean creativity and think positively about whatever is causing you so much concern. There is a much more inspiring (and more accurate) way to see it. As long as you don’t succumb to a sense of pressure, this will soon become clear. Amazing opportunities await in the next few days.”

Cool, eh?

I’ve planned and planned, but still feel so unprepared. I can’t believe it’s so soon. After months…years…of waiting, saying “someday”, it’s here and real and I just can’t wrap my mind around this.

The best thing that has come of this already is the daily reminders of what amazing friends I have. Each is so unique and fits a different part of me, but if someone were to judge me by my friends, the consensus would be that I am a pretty fortunate woman.

And I would agree.

There’s a lot swirling around inside, but mostly, I’m focused on the details: Making sure everything is taken care of and nothing is forgotten.   I need to remember to step back and feel the emotions.

And to sleep.

One more day of work……