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2 06 2006

It's been amazing to witness the redefinition of age as I get older.


One of my favorite lines from the musical Mama Mia! proclaims: "Age does not wither her!" What a great line……..I plan to not wither.

I remember not SO long ago, at the age of 20, having a friend that was 28 and thinking how well she had aged. Now that thought would be for a friend of 60 or 65.

So far, 38 has been a great age. I made a very conscious decision to stop coloring my hair about 8 months ago. With this symbolic move has come a growing into my years and an acceptance of who I am. When 20, there were expectations that I act 30, so when I turned 30, I lived what should have been the freedom of my 20's. Now there is an equilibrium and 38 feels right. Old enough to have a clue, young enough to make mistakes.

The best part is realizing that this process keeps going and I can keep enjoying growing…not just emotionally, spiritually…but physically also. I don't have to get to some fictitious place…or avoid some other place…but just travel the way that feels right.

Maybe it's not a new definition, but rather, a new acceptance.



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5 06 2006

I have learned that my level of acceptance is directly proportional to my level of serenity today.. The more accepting of things I am, the more peace I have… Just a thought…. Sue

5 06 2006

Right on, sister! And you touched on something important in that it DOES fluctuate day to day.

7 06 2006
Minny Sota

I say dye your hair blonde. i hear blondes have more fun, but they also have more drama. SO…you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons i guess. Good Luck.

21 06 2006

Actually, I just read one of those advice columns in the newspaper today in which someone was saying that guys always go for the blonds…that all other physical/psychological traits are secondary. The “advisor” said that was great because then bascially then the blonds leave the good guys for the rest of us….for what it’s worth.

From what I’ve experienced, blond can equal more fun AND more drama,
but grey has meant different fun and (thankfully) a lot less drama.

I’m just glad that we can celebrate all different kinds of hair and lifestyles
……and stereotypes!

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