new definition

2 06 2006

It's been amazing to witness the redefinition of age as I get older.


One of my favorite lines from the musical Mama Mia! proclaims: "Age does not wither her!" What a great line……..I plan to not wither.

I remember not SO long ago, at the age of 20, having a friend that was 28 and thinking how well she had aged. Now that thought would be for a friend of 60 or 65.

So far, 38 has been a great age. I made a very conscious decision to stop coloring my hair about 8 months ago. With this symbolic move has come a growing into my years and an acceptance of who I am. When 20, there were expectations that I act 30, so when I turned 30, I lived what should have been the freedom of my 20's. Now there is an equilibrium and 38 feels right. Old enough to have a clue, young enough to make mistakes.

The best part is realizing that this process keeps going and I can keep enjoying growing…not just emotionally, spiritually…but physically also. I don't have to get to some fictitious place…or avoid some other place…but just travel the way that feels right.

Maybe it's not a new definition, but rather, a new acceptance.