Madison treasures

8 05 2006

Here's something I wrote on IshCon, but it belongs here, also (since this is all about my journey):

The first is Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative.
It's a local independant cooperative that sells books and sponsers events that are politically and socially progressive. We just recently put our entire inventory on-line and can process orders from around the country. The prices are all standard from the publishers-so no great Amazon deals-but with each book purchase you are supporting a co-op that gives back to it's community and tries to support and promote awareness of alternative ideas.
I know that this sounds like an ad, but I've been volunteering there for over a year and just really dig what this bookstore is about.

The second thing is an event: The Midwest Social Forum. The website can tell you more, but basically it's like the World Social Forum, only…umm…smaller. Here is the intro blurb from the website:

The Midwest Social Forum is an annual gathering of grassroots organizations, community activists, artists, workers, educators, students, and others committed to making a better, more just world possible. It provides an open space for exchanging experiences and information, strengthening alliances and networks, and developing effective strategies for progressive social, economic, and political change. This year it will be held in Milwaukee, July 7-9, 2006, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Union.

I went last year and found it just very inspiring. The whole program was very well organized, informational and mind-opening. It provided a good balance of large and small scale presentations and group discussions. I would only complain that no one could take in all that the conference had to offer. The theme this year is "Another World is Possible".

There are many other cool Madison things too like WORT and Sustain Dane, but I'd better stop. The list really is endless.



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